Clean and Unclean/Inside and Outside

For Further Study:  Richard Beck, Unclean: Meditations on Purity, Hospitality and Mortality, Experimental Theology

Teaching Link:  "Clean and Unclean/Inside and Outside"  November 6, 2011

Downloadable, printable file: .pdf

Questions for Groups or Reflection:

1. What do we know about Jairus?  Why might he have been reluctant to go to Jesus on behalf of his daughter?  (Mark 5.21-24, 3.1-6) 

In the end, what drove him to Jesus? (vs. 23)  How are motives important when responding to God?

Are there conflicts in your life that keep you from experiencing God more deeply?  What kind of things pull you in competing directions?

2.  What was the significance of the plight of the woman? (Mark 5.25-26, Leviticus 15.25-27)

What are some practical aspects of purity codes of ancient societies?

When have you felt on the outside?

Was there a time when you felt "unclean?"

Think about the healing that is needed in your life.

3.  When Jesus is touched by the woman, and when he touches the young girl, he invites uncleanness upon himself (Leviticus 15.25-27, Numbers 19.13).  What does that say about his ministry and what was important to him?

What is the challenge to us, as his followers, in reacing out to the unclean, outsiders, impure?  Discuss specific examples, as well as our successes and failures in those areas.  

Who do you have a difficult time reaching out to?  Are there barriers and borders you maintain in your life?

What are specific ways you can transcend differences and reach out to those looking in?