Sons, Coins and Sheep

"With his declaration that “God hates some of you,” Driscoll is simultaneously relieving the burden of weary Calvinists and providing shining examples for critics to use as evidence that the underpinnings of Calvinism lead to dangerous and hurtful outcomes." - Zack Lind, Finding Rythm

This Week's Text: Luke 15 

Additional Texts: Job 38.1-1140.2-5Psalm 44.17-2688.13-18

For Further Study: Zach Lind, Finding Rythm Blog: "Why Mark Driscoll is So Compelling."

Teaching Link: "Sons, Coins and Sheep" November 13, 2011

Downloadable, printable file: .pdf

Questions for Groups or Reflection:

1. What is the most difficult time you have ever had to go through?

What are some things people say to help others feel better during times of sorrow and trial?

Read Psalm 88.  Have you ever felt like this?

Which are the most unfortunate and misguided?  Which, if any, have you found helpful and comforting?

Is there something in your life right now that causes you to have doubts about God's presence or love for you?

2.  People seem divided in their response to God's answer to Job in chapter 38.  Do you find it comforting or frustrating?  Discuss why. (Job 38. 1-11, 40.2-5)

Are you the kind of person who needs answers, or are you comfortable with uncertainty?

3.  There is a subconscious assumption that if we do right, if we obey God, then things will turn out okay.  Why do you think that is?

Read Psalm 44.17-26.  Why does the writer express such despair?

4.  When you read through Luke 15, what are the similarities between the three stories that Jesus tells?

What are the stories a response to?

What behaviors of the woman, the shepherd, and the father are unexpected, even unexplainable?

"God loves us so much, it's stupid."  What does this mean?  What does this mean:  "Jesus is God's wound in the world?"

5.  Faced with a decision to rescue us or join us, God joins us in the person of Jesus. How is this different from the popular idea of omnipotence?

6.  This week, we saw the church rally together to support one of their own and each other.  How has God reached out to you in the midst of this horrifying event?