Baptism, Ministry and Goodbye

This really was an amazing Sunday!  If someone happened to have been visiting with us this week, I wonder what they thought.

The doxasoma has been a wonderful way to involve our bodies in the experience of the Lord's Prayer.  Thanks Rachel.  And congratulations to her mother, Cheryl Paulovich on her ordination.  It fit in well with the beginings that baptism represent.  We recieved new people into the community through baptism, and we said goodbye to some longtime members as they move on to Oregon.  Paul Davidhizar and I shared a stage early on during my first months at Trinity.  Shane was interviewing a few people one Sunday, individuals that had different connections to the Mennonites, and different entrances into the community.  I had found the Mennonites later in life, but Paul had been one his entire life.  I remember being struck by hs story of what it had cost him to follow Jesus, as he understood it, and the humility to, at the same time, be able to say, "But, I might be wrong!"  That phrase made its way into Shane's second book, and has been incredibly influential to me, as a leader and a follower of Christ. 

Thank you Paul and Ellen, for your lives, your encouragement, a what you have meant to this community.


In the future, I will try and post things here that didn't make it into the sermon, but might be interesting for some of you for further study.  Some times it will be a .pdf of a scholarly journal article, an link to a book I'm reading in preparation, or a simple Wikipedia link that sheds some light on something I said.

This week is it is a Wikipedia link about the name of Jesus.


Hat tip to Aaron Woods for getting me thinking about this.