Your Wake-Up Calling

Acts 26:1-19

Responses and Reactions

·      What disturbed you, challenged you, or intrigued you in this week’s message?

Digging Deeper

·      Read Acts 17:16-34.  When Paul wants to share his faith with the people of Athens, he opens conversation by using the Greek culture’s own well-known artifacts, symbols, and literature.  What might be prominent symbols/artifacts in 21st American culture that could serve as spring boards to conversation about faith?  (ex. specific movies, memes, customs, games, etc)    

Bringing It Home

·      Practice “witnessing” together:

(a) If you consider yourself a believer in Jesus, what have you seen, heard, touched, or tasted that helps you to believe?

(b) If you are still exploring the idea of Jesus, what makes you want to believe and what questions are you wrestling with?