Where the Earth Quakes

1 Peter 2:4-12

Responses and Reactions

·      What disturbed you, challenged you, or intrigued you in this week’s message?

Digging Deeper

·      Beyond 1 Peter 2, other metaphors for the church in Scripture include “bride” (Eph. 5:25-27; Rev. 21:9-10), “body” (1 Corin 12:12-20), and “family” (Matt. 12:46-50; Gal. 6:10).  What aspects of the church’s purpose do each of these metaphors emphasize?    

Bringing It Home

·      Which potentially problematic metaphor (museum, civic org, social club, ark) for the church are you most tempted to align yourself with?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of that metaphor?

·      In what ways might the church here in 2017 be called to live as “foreigners” to our environment in order to align ourselves with the teachings of Jesus?