(Re)Imagine Week 3 - Church of the Rubik's Cube

1.  If you grew up in the church have you ever considered how much of what you have come to expect on Sunday morning is cultural conditioning?

2.  What is your favorite part of Trinity Mennonite Church?  If it's a program/ministry can you dig deeper about why you appreciate it? Would it be possible to do church completely differently and still experience everything you love at Trinity?

3.  The ecclesia (church) doesn't have a mission; the mission has an ecclesia.  What does that mean to you?  What is that mission?

4.  The early church regularly took creative risks for the sake of fulfilling their kingdom calling.  How have you witnessed that same creative risk taking in the community of Trinity or the larger church?

5.   What do you think is the best way to give a vote to tradition while still maintaining the creative calling of the church?