For many of us, the stories of Jesus found in the Gospels can feel like old news. We’ve heard them
time and time again in Sunday School, in sermons, and books. While they are regarded as holding the timeless truths of our faith, they can also feel stale. In part, this is the result of the stories being separated from each other and taken apart from the larger narrative.

We aim to bring those stories back together with this study. We are intentionally weaving the individual stories together to give insight into the intent of the author to create a compelling witness of God’s in-breaking kingdom.

We are excited about working through the gospel of Mark together with all of you.  We will be using the attached participants guide along with the sermon audio for our conversations.

Some of you already discussed the first week material back in October so we have a supplied more discussion questions below.

Week 1 Participant's Guide Supplemental

  1. What in your life would you most like to change?

  2. Do you feel like you need saving?

  3. How does acknowledging that "Jesus is Lord" change how we interact with Jesus and his teaching?

  4. Why do you think God entrusts the spreading of the good news to us?

    1. How do you feel about that?

  5. What are the “nets” that you find most difficult to leave behind?

  6. How can you bring the sacred into the secular?