Easter 2016

1.  Jesus' followers thought they had lost everything.  They were hiding in a room when Jesus was resurrected.  After that, everything changed and they devoted their lives to his teaching even to the point of death.  How would you explain that kind of life change to someone who wasn't there?

2. If all of us "stink" why do we find it so difficult to be transparent with each other?  How does the resurrection give us freedom to stop defining ourselves by our mistakes?

3. Jesus' resurrection is only the beginning of God's redemptive work.  How can we continue to engage the world with resurrection eyes?

4. Where have you experienced resurrection/renewal breaking into this world?

5. How does the image of Jesus as a redemptive gardener feel in light of the Genesis creation/fall narrative?

6. John counts off the first few miracles in his gospel.  If you continue the count you will see that there are 7 miracles before Jesus is resurrected.  The new life of Jesus (who looks like a gardener) is the 8th miracle in John.  How does that feel in light of the Genesis creation narrative?