Advent 2015

We have our plans, our time, and ideas about how this holiday season should work. However, Advent changes all of that. The arrival of this season shifts our focus and gives us a greater expectation than day-in-day-out living. Advent interrupts our schedule and points us toward a new hope. It brings the blessing of an unplanned arrival. God seeks to stir within us so we may turn our faces toward something new.

This is why Advent is the “new year” in the calendar of the church. The year is made new by Christ’s coming. This expectation has two senses: it is the waiting for Christ’s return and it is the waiting for the Christ child to be born. In the first sense, Advent is a time for preparing for Christ’s arrival. It is getting our priorities in order so that we can properly greet the Prince of Peace. The second sense is not only the remembrance of the stories in the Gospels, but it is the realization that God is birthing something new in us.

The purpose of Advent is to make us pregnant with hope. For many, the holiday season is not filled with joy, family, and gifts, but anxiety, stress, and despair. Advent seeks to reframe our experiences with new expectations, expectations that will not disappoint. It is the expectancy that new life will start to grow within all of us. However, we must be willing to make room for an interruption. Can we make that space to receive this gift?

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